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  • We Light Up The City
    Our commitment to the end users.
  • IT Solutions
    We leverage on our IT expertise to deliver unmatcheable power solutions.
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    Pre-Paid Metering
  • Intelligence
    we provide strategic guidance that leads to cost-effective energy.
  • Efficency
    We ensure that our clients maximise the efficiency of their electricity usage while minimising exposure to the risks involved in a highly competitive environment.
  • Infrastructure
    We build and deploy to our clients a cost effective world class infrastructure.
  • Distribution
    for an effective power distribution system, SAY GUMCO.

Welcome to GUMCO
Global Utilities Management Company (GUMCO) was founded in 1999 as a Utility Management Company to support the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) by providing services in the downstream sector of power distribution as a Private Sector Participation initiative.

The company has since gained an in-depth knowledge of the country’s utility sector, beginning in 1998 with its participation in the PHCN Revenue Cycle Management Program (RCM). That involvement enhanced our knowledge and competence to improve Revenue Collection and reduce non-technical losses. Furthermore, considerable experience ensued from participation in process improvements, training and development, customer service delivery and sanitization of the billing database.

With over 10 years of collaboration with PHCN, we have accumulated an in-depth knowledge of the country’s utility sector, including areas of critical needs currently inhibiting efficient delivery of power to communities.
By scrutinising the complex energy and utilities markets, the challenge of a large customer base with less manpower to manage it, we take the burden off our clients' shoulders by assisting them in power distribution,metering and billing, customer service, and marketing management services and training.   GUMCO is a totally power solutions company with over ten (10) years experience in the complex utilities markets. With a reputation built on honesty and trust, we make our word our bond in terms of service delivery.   We at GUMCO ensure that our services are built on a per client basis, making sure we render a custom-based power solutions according to the client's request, which will translate to satisfying their direct customers, retainning and making them loyal.  
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